curious about 2 separate WP accounts?

I was wondering as I now have 2 computers… want to know how to get the 2nd computer set up with my account but under new computer name so i can leave the original account and number on my other computer… so any suggestions as to this? I would appreciate any help and beside i have no idea how to do it well enough…

Make a new ‘computer’ on the WhatPulse website -

Then, just log in on the other computer w/ that NEW computer (profile) and it will work as you need.

Or do you necessarily want two separate accounts?


Well I still have the WP account on my laptop and I would need to continue that one on my desktop puter … so all I need is to connect that somehow so i dont lose any WP pulse numbers and still be able to pulse on the desktop puter from now on… so any idea… as for making a new “computer” i have tried that several times and could not connect the “computer” account to this desktop puter… so would be happy to try something to get this working right…

Take a look at another user’s account, such as Century0’s, or my own. We each have several “computers” which act as WhatPulse computer profiles. Simply make a second “computer” on the site, then when you log into WhatPulse on your other machine, select the second computer profile, as to avoid any errors, or invalid tokens.

Ah ok I will try that and see if it works for me… I hope!