Crashes when I go full screen in any game.

Any game that I play full screen (recently GTAIII & Diablo II) causes Whatpulse to crash instantly.

I have the latest version. Is there any solution to this? Is it a common issue?

Odd, this is the first I hear of that one. How are you running the client? Admin mode enabed? What other settings do you have? Try running it in verbose and sending me the log. (cmd.exe → cd “C:\Program Files\WhatPulse2” → whatpulse.exe -verbose)

I am running it in admin.

Sorry, but I don’t quite understand what you are asking me to do. I am not very well in computers. Apologies.

Side note; this is on my Windows 7 machine. I do not have this problem in my Ubuntu machine.

Thank you for the hasty reply.

Simply start a cmd.exe (Start → Run, or Windows + R), then ‘cd’ to your WhatPulse installation directory (assuming it’s at the default location): cd “C:\Program Files\WhatPulse2” - and start the client using: whatpulse.exe -verbose

Then run your game, making the client crash. After that, send me the files in your data directory ( -

Also, have you submitted a crash report? If so; at what date/time?