Crash on network change (Ubuntu 12.10)

Hey guys. Whatpulse (2.0.4) has been crashing (segfault) whenever a network changes state (for me, mainly when i connect to wifi). I’m attaching the gdb output from my rudimentary google knowledge of GDB. I can make it crash at will, so I’m willing to test and/or get more output if necessary.

Reproduction: (for me)

  1. Start Whatpulse
  2. Disconnect/reconnect wifi
  3. A few seconds after wifi connects, Whatpulse segfaults.

If started after the wifi is connected, it runs fine and will keep running until something changes on the network.

Any update or help? Anyone else experiencing this? Anything I can do to help get this to the devs? Don’t see it listed under known problems…