Crash every time after standby

Hello, I have installed 2.0 on my WinXp. Every time I wake up my pc from standby Whatpulse crashes and I need to relaunch it.

THis is a known issue. It happens on Win7 as well - Whatpulse doesn’t seem to like hibernation, sleep or standby. At the minute, the only way around it is to reload it.

I have a similar issue. My desktop has two accounts (me and my father) and whenever I switch user Whatpulse stop working with black borders on both main and geek windows. Whatpulse 1.7 didn’t have the problem.

edit: oh, I didn’t notice 2.0.1 will fix hibernation issue. I hope this fix switching user issue as well.


Please try 2.0.1a:

yes, on win8 the crashing is solved

Still happens to me after every wakeup.
This is actually why i stopped using whatpulse year ago.

What are you talking about? WhatPulse 1.7.1 never ever crashed after a standby/hibernate! The problem is with 2.0 which was launched not even a week ago.
Just for the record I haven’t experienced any crashes since 2.0.1a.

2.0.1 still crashes after standby on XP ?
2.0.1a fix crashes for now :slight_smile: :slight_smile: