Counting network traffic in portable mode

Hi, I’m using portable mode of WhatPulse (version 2.2) and I see that it is counting the Internet traffic correctly, but WP is not considering it to be pulsed. All other data (key count, mouse clicks, etc.) is pulsing perfectly.

None of those 10+10 GB upload/download have been pulsed. This is not internal traffic on the LAN.

What can be happening?


Have you installed winpcap on the computer(s) where you’re using it? If you do not have winpcap installed, it will fallback to Windows APIs (so you’ll see traffic going through interfaces), but it won’t show application traffic and it won’t count unpulsed traffic.

I can’t install WinPcap on this computer - I have no admin priveleges here. So I will not be able to pulse traffic data :frowning:

But if traffic is perfectly measured, why can’t it be pulsed?