Computer Profile Deleted?

I’ll write this post to my friend _Spitfire. He doesn’t know english.

Hello there
I’m using the last Whatpulse version.

In ‘sign up’ process, i created the computer profile called “=)”.

Here’s the email:
Username: _SpitFire
Password: XXXXXXXXXX (not)
Computer: =)

Your account is currently inactive. You won’t be able to use it untill you activate it by visiting the following link:

My Username is _Spitfire

I’m using Windows 7 64bits

Admin PC

I got the error:
Account _Spitfire or Computar “=)” not…
The computer =) doesnt exist. And i cant creat. It says:
[color=Red]Sorry, a computer may only exist of alpha-numeric, _, \ and - symbols.[/color]

I need someone to creat this profile to me.


You cannot use = in a computer name.


Now, i know it.
But when he signed up, he put =) as the name. It was ok, etc…
Now =) its gone. =(
And he has 80 mi on his account and he cant pulse :slight_smile:

Honestly, there’s nothing I can actually do for you. We have no direct control over profile names, nor can we make one that breaks the rules. :frowning:


Hi. I’m the man that Freaka is talking about.

@Century0: I understand u, but the fact is: I’ve received a email that confirms tha existence of my account, AND my computer. Why that’s a my mistake? The system accepts my account name and my computer name. When I’ve configured the program, no error happened.

So, I can forward the email for u or any administrator that want to help me. I just dont think it’s fair I be penalized for a failure of the system both of you (who accepted the creation of this profile at the time of registration) both agreed that the program set up my account and made no checks.

Sorry for the terrible english, and thanks for your attention.

It’s a glitch in the registration part of the website. I’ve forwarded an email to the web development team and it will be fixed soon.

As for your keys, I can not help you in any way. It’s against the policy of WhatPulse to grant keys to users, as well, we do not control profiles in any way, shape, and/or form. It has happened to all of us.

Users tend to think they are the only ones who lose from program glitches, but they are not. Administrators lose a lot more keys than any normal user, due to the fact we typically run the beta programs, as well, we’re testing glitches all the time. I’ve lost over 5 million keys doing things for WhatPulse, so I do sympathize with you, but the fact is: I cannot do anything about it, and we do not have any way to fix it.

Thanks for alerting us to the problem however. You may continue this in PM if you wish to. Thread closed.