[CLOSED] Windows XP Error: failed to initialize properly

The application failed to initialize properly (0xc000001d). Click on OK to terminate application.

This error has been coming up since 2.5. It never went forward to 2.5, but this error started coming up. I was able to go back to 2.4.1 fine. Then one random day it gave this error on 2.4.1 after a scheduled weekly reboot. Since this is XP, it was not due to a Windows update. I have an anti-virus installed, but on or off, it does not install and initialize. 2.6 and 2.6.1 also have the same issue.

WhatPulse version(s): 2.4.1-2.6.1
OS: Windows XP (86)
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 3200+
WinPCap: 4.1.3 (running properly as WireShark can capture video streams over the LAN)
Logged in as an user with full administrator privilege.
Running while showing the issue is full running down to minimal XP with no applications and minimal services.

This machine has had a few issues in the past, but I have been able to fix them without a full reinstall. I will not be reinstalling Windows over this either. There is software on here that are paid for by others and only have a 1 PC 1 installation license. I would like to fix this and reinstall WhatPulse working on this machine and ideas on how to get it back to running and reporting.

Thank you,

Windows XP has been end of support for over a year and WhatPulse also does not support it either. My suggestion would be to upgrade Windows and not keep a safety hazard online. :slight_smile:

Thanks. :frowning: I wish I could and do keep it behind 2 firewalls with no internet users on it. It’s only use is to record sermons and the scp them over to the Linux server (oddly enough, also on Redhat 9) for processing and storage. It is used to work with an old soundboard and to digitally record sermons at my church, so I wish I could just replace it, but it has single installation software on it, that also is not supported, but is tied to the audio equipment we have to use for lack of funds. So technically, it is still a risk, but as Steve Gibson says, “A proper firewall and common sense coupled with minimal ‘appliance’ type use and any OS is safe.” Unfortunately safe does not equal supported anymore. :frowning: Just wish I could even get the older version that did work to go back on it and properly loading. I still have the originally downloaded copies of the install for back to 2.4.1, just nothing will initialize for WP anymore on it.