[CLOSED] virus?

I don’t think WhatPulse is virus,it’s good software but this:


is this normal?

Luckily, this is completely false. The be honest I think it’s probably a play to get more people to download their software.

For instance…the email worm in several results is impossible as the client does absolutely nothing with email. :slight_smile:

Here’s a better and more trusted result which uses some of the same scanners as mentioned in the NerdProtect results, but has a negative result:

I’ve contact them asking to remove those invalid results, thanks for reporting!

Glad to see it’s false positive,thanks :slight_smile:

Not a false positive. That would be where the software acts in a particular way which appears suspicious to an anti virus software and it gets flagged as something dangerous, when it was actually doing something genuine.

These results on that website are just completely false, as in, complete lies. It doesn’t even make sense how there could be that many different types of trojans and worms associated with one software.