[CLOSED] Updating to 2.6 for portable versions without admin access.


I got an update message today and would like to update, the problem is that at work i use a portable client and i dont have admin access. However the updater requires elevation via UAC. this has lead me to be unable to update. is there a way to manually update circumventing UAC? its a portable version so it shouldn’t require access to system files anyway.

The required questions:

  1. currently on 2.5
  2. Windows 7 32bit.
  3. WinPcap is not installed on this machine which is acceptable as i cannot install programs. I have to do with keyboard and mouse for work productivity.
  4. No administrator access.
  5. Not applicable.
  6. Not applicable.
  7. I dont believe it is necessary for this case.

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You’ll need to update the portable version on a computer where you do have admin access and bring that over.

Thanks for the quick reply. Thats a shame, i guess ill have to find a way to make it work.

I got an idea and would liek to run it through you. What if i were to take the files from an updated version from my home computer and copy them over the portable version minutes the database file. I guess database is where the computer-specific stuff is stored, right?

That’s exactly what I was referring to. :wink:

You can simply install it to a USB drive at home, take that to the restricted computer and copy the program files. Settings will be used from the existing older client (just don’t overwrite the whatpulse.db or whatpulse.wpw file)

Thanks, ill do just that tonight then :slight_smile: