[CLOSED] Resetting File/Program Directories?

I got a new SSD, and made that my C drive, moving a lot of my programs over to my HDD, the F drive. The problem is WhatPulse is still looking for the programs to be on the C drive. Is there any way I can just clean reset these pre-saved directories without messing with too much?


When you say ‘looking for the programs to be on the C drive’ - what exactly do you mean?

Also, there’s currently no way to reset the applications themselves, just their stats. Without going into the database and manually renaming the application paths, or starting from a new database, there’s not really a good way to move apps.

It’s looking for the programs from the original drive before I made the switch, so I have a C: drive and an F: drive. All programs that I moved over are still being watched for if they were on the original C: drive.

What is the best way of changing the application paths? Don’t care how slow it is because it’s just changing one letter.

What do you mean with “watched for if they were on the original C: drive.” - If you right click an app and you do “Open file location” or something else? And how often do you do that?

The best and frankly only way is to open up the whatpulse.db file in a SQLite editor and change the application paths in the table ‘applications’ - If you followed that you might have a shot. :wink:

I think I got it figured out, thanks for the help