[CLOSED] Record only what goes on within 1 program.

Is this possible?
I’m interested in this because as you can prolly guess, i play a game where i am interested in knowning whats pressed the most and how many clicks occur.

Basically have WP only monitor 1 process?
Any help would be appreciated =)

It’s not possible, but it’s a good idea! I’ll put it on the wishlist for the new client. (after the first release though, we’ve been working on it for too long already)

Euh…not used to an answer from admins in such situations. But, this would be an incredible feature! Thanks for the fast reply.

P.S, I love the dutch people, so friendly! =)

Very very happy to see this was implemented, it’s been long since I suggested it but nonetheless do I think it’s a great feature!

Won’t be getting premium as long as I’m financially unstable(student life :'D ) but as soon as I can I will!

Great job guys!