[CLOSED] how do i set my current key rate to sec ?

title says all :slight_smile:

What “current key rate” are you talking about?

The geek window’s %InstantKeyRate% stat.

I’m guessing he wants it to update more frequently.

That is updated every second, so you might see my confusion. :slight_smile:

no i mean why my Current Key Rate is showing like 4.20 whats the math behind this ? it should show like if i press 1 key it should show 1 why its showing 0.20 ?

Sounds pretty much like it is calculating the average for the last 5 seconds and updates the display every second. In my opinion setting the calculation to 1 second would mean that everytime you stop typing or clicking to look at the Geek Window it will show 0…

FamilienVater is exactly right, the fluctuation would be off the chart if it’s calculated on a 1 second basis and you would not be able to get a good reading.