[CLOSED] Geek Window

Just wanted to say I liked the old geek window better for two reasons:

  1. It IMMEDIATELY displayed the increase in clicks/keystrokes which was pleasing to watch compared to the current geek window which seems like it updates every x seconds or something.

  2. Geek window doesn’t add towards the total keystrokes/clicks until after you pulse, so the only number you see going up is unpulsed keys/clicks.

I’m curious if it’s possible to change these so that they work like the old geek window, or if it’s viable to just download an older version of whatpulse for the old geek window.

The geek window in 2.x updates every 0.5 second, so not every x seconds. 0.5 is not really noticeable.

And have a look at the geek window editor in the settings. You can add pretty much every statistic available, including the total keys/clicks.

The old geek window updated every time it recorded a keystroke and that is just what I prefer - is there a way to change how often it updates?

I have already looked at the geek window editor settings and I do have total keys/clicks - but these numbers do not increase until a pulse. if you only have those statistics open the count doesn’t go up while you’re typing like it did in the old versions.

Is there a way to change this also?

No, there is not.

The total keys are based off your profile, which can have multiple computers linked to it. If the total keycount is incremented when you type, it is incorrect if you have more than 1 computer, which is why the total keycount is only refreshed when you pulse.