[CLOSED] Forgot to ignore a game I used clicker macro in, throttle breached.

Hello, earlier today I started playing the game “Time Clickers” and its one of those shitty incremental games were you click and click and click.

I got bored and didn’t really think about whatpulse and made a macro on my keyboard to auto click in the game, after a while I got a popup saying that click throttle were breached. And I have to say thank god for that, because I really dont want this to ruin the stats I have.
But how can I remove the clicks?
I do not want to pulse them at all, is there any way to do this?

Well appreantly it wanted to pulse now, but I dont want the click stats, is there any way to just remove the click stats from a pulse?

There’s not a way to only remove the clicks from a pulse, you’ll need to remove the entire pulse.

You earn more from an idle build on Time Clickers, ignoring the “click” tree with the Time Cubes that you start to gain after wave 100.

Better to spend all the cubes on reducing the amount of enemies you face in each wave, and then the amount of gold dropped. You get DPS boost from the cubes anyways when you reset each time. After that, you only need to play for 10 minutes a day manually, without an autoclicker and advance much faster in the game completely genuinely.

Currently at 61 out of 96 achievements.