[CLOSED] Export Application Uptime from All Computers


Is it possible to export Application Uptime from all PCs? Like the one on the website where it shows the application uptime broken down by PC name.

The Export Application Uptime on the client only exports application on that machine. I was hoping I could get the total uptime data from all my machines even if it’s not broken down by machine name.

Not at this moment, but it is something that’ll be available in the future.

Thanks :slight_smile: that sounds promising

Meanwhile I made my own app uptime monitoring app in the meantime hehe

Wouldn’t it be easier just to look at the website and get the values from there? :slight_smile:

Yes it is :slight_smile: But I archive the data as well
I also made a program that pulls data from the API so I can have my own copy, and compute my daily changes as well (thanks to your API)

With website I meant either the computer page or the API, as the uptime data is also available through the API - you don’t need another app is what I’m saying. :wink: