[CLOSED] Client Crash macOS Sierra

Hello! I use WP 2.7.1 on the newest macOS Sierra Beta.
It works great but I wanted to go on Input → Applications → All

Then it is crashing.

Hope I can help somehow!

Edit: Now it works with a little load time… Maybe my Database is too big.

Similar problem.

This is my report.

It looks like your client is crashing on startup, no? (that’s not really similar :wink: ).

I’ve seen a few of these, it most likely means that a downloaded file that the client needs is corrupt and the client can’t cope with it. There’s a csv file in your data directory (http://help.whatpulse.org/kb/client/data-files) - remove that and it will redownload it.

That’s probably spot on; the client can be slow (and/or freeze) when loading large sets of data. We’re working on improving that.