[CLOSED] Accidentally Deleted Local Stats

I recently shut down my computer, and when it turned back on it gave me a warning saying critical database error. I X-ed it out like I normally do (which has never deleted anything before), but this time when I went to load up the program, all of my statistics are gone. All of my statistics are still on my online profile however. I’ve used this program for two and a half years and I’m devastated that all my statistics are gone. Is there anyway for me sync my online statistics to my local ones or should I just uninstall the program and move on with life?

‘Refresh Status’ may sync the data (account tab) but I’ve last used it several years ago so kinda forgot what exactly it does.


Additionally, you can try renaming the backup database from ‘whatpulse.db.backup’ to ‘whatpulse.db’ and restarting WhatPulse. Navigate to this address in windows explorer: %localappdata%\whatpulse


Else just carry on using the program as normal, or create a new computer in settings if you want online to sync with desktop app for computer-specific stats.

Neither of those methods worked for me. My statistics are still gone. I’ll just take the loss I guess and keep using WhatPulse