client stuck on "retrieving computers.."

whatpulse wont closes instantly after I try start it, propably related to installation disk (B instead of C) because it launches when I re-installed it on C

also, when I try log in (give email and password) and click check for computers it just keeps showing that “retrieving computers…” text but nothing happends. (is this related to that older post I wrote? yes, I changed my pw after that…)

whatpulse version whatpulse-win-2.0.4.exe
username Kehet
os win 7 sp1 64bit
using administrator account
high-priority programs running dwm.exe, winlogon.exe, csrss.exe (=windows own shit)

Do any of your computers have (nowadays) ‘illegal’ characters? Like "s. They should have only alphanumeric characters.