Client Says I Have "Premium"

I haven’t had Premium for a while (but not for much longer ;)).

Opened the client today and noticed the network tables didn’t have the premium message, so I checked the account tab and it had:

However, it also lists my old email address as my email ( This same email is unable to log into this account.

Best guess is it checks the email address for premium and can’t find my old email address and doesn’t default to “no”? (and explains why it doesn’t have an expiry date)

Client version: WhatPulse 2.5
OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64x
Running as admin

Nah, it’s some kind of client bug. It’s happened to me as well in the past, in the 2.5 version and probably older ones too, and I didn’t change my email address or anything.
Eventually the premium randomly stops however, haven’t tracked in how long. Now I have real premium though so I can’t really test if I’m getting it anymore or not.

It’s not a bug, it’s just a way to prevent you it from removing the premium features every time it tries to check and you’re offline. It’ll time out after a few days (depending on the last time it checked and how often it fails to check).