Client doesn't login when password has special characters

Hi forum,

I don’t really have a problem anymore since I changed my password, but I wanted to report this bug on the (Linux 32bits) client (last version).

Just after upgrading, at the first start, when it asks for login, I entered my email and my password, clicked on “continue”. The “Continue” button greys out, and nothing happens anymore. It seems it was counting, but I was not linked, and I could not pulse.

I had a brilliant idea and I changed my password on the website, and after that the linking happened like a charm. Here is the pattern of my old password, in case this can help : &x9xXXXXX./x

Very nice the new client, I’m liking it :smiley:

Yes, same issue.
When I change my password on the website and taking special characters, in case % or !, I can’t login any more.
When I reset the password on the website, than is the login successfully.

I hate to necro post, but this was the most relevant thread. I’m till experiencing this, Whatpulse 2.6.2 on Ubuntu 15.04 (x86_64)