Circular graph on team page.

I noticed you added a circular graph to show the percentage on the user stats page. How about adding the same graph to the team page, showing how each user contributes to said team. (Or maybe just the top 10 people?)

Yeah that would be a great idea, i would love to see what percentage on a graph i am compared to my team mates :slight_smile:

Great idea! I really like this one!

Definitely a good idea. Although I think that the number of people shown in this chart should be decided by the team founder/manager(s).
For instance they could choose only the top 3, or maybe the top 10 members of the team to be displayed in the chart.

As daaave said it would have to be limmited, if there is a team with 200 members then you won’t be able to see half of the users on the graph, should probablly be limmited to about top 10 members or so but good idea.

Yeh defo limit it to the top 10. Its a nice idea.