Cheater alert.

UID 351250. Username GreatestTeam. (Cause I’m not allowed to post URLs. But never mind that. <_<)

What… in the world? O.o On top of having 167 million keys in just 7 weeks, the guy is crazy at pulsing. His GSM computer for instance pulsed 1.4m keys in 20 hours!

Someone look into this please?

thanks. multiple people using the same account.

No problemmo. I’ll help you keep a lookout on other users near the top. heh

Thanks for the reports! It’s a lot easier to catch cheaters when people report 'em. Also: I can’t remember how many posts you’ve gotta have before you can start posting links… but it’s not too many. In the mean time, you’re giving us enough info to find the user you’re talking about, and that’s what really counts!

If you head on over to the general discussions board & reply to stuff, that’ll speed up the process. And don’t worry about reviving old threads there – we always like the extra activity! :wink:

Never mind, I’ll help keep an eye on the top 50 either way :smiley: And yeah, imma try to be slightly more active on WhatPulse now. heh

Cheater alert again: thc. User ID 317870. Because 5.6 million keys every 6 days is a feasible kind of thing. Lol

UID 362177 - npm. 2 months, 195 million keys, AvKPS 27.47.

May I just state you are one great abuse-spotter.

While we’re here, user ID 416,441, username drkao.
Look at the pulse on the past 29th of August: a sustained 49.83 keys/sec all over a week.

Unfortunately for the cheaters, I keep a sharp eye on the top 50, so if anyone goes haywire, I’ll report them.

Can we have a central thread to report people who cheat, by the way? :confused:

Another (possible) cheater that I’d like to report: UID 235761 - sreservoir. 70 million key pulse in 4 months. Seems fishy. :confused:

The user 487884 is obviously a cheater. 4,245,000,156 in just 2 days for an AVKPS of 4745575.5 and he’s #1 now.

And i must agree with the report about sreservoir.

I have made a central thread for you guys. Just please follow the format as it makes my job easier.

Thanks guys,