Changing the (F)/(M) icons

It may be just me but I think the red (F) and (M) for founder and manager look kind of ‘old’.

I like beardie27’s suggestion of having the names colored differently. I think that would look nice.

Or maybe colored names for the people compared to the rest of the team?

By icons you mean the coloured text? O_o

Ahh that would be a good idea! I like that better than mine.

Yeah, I think it would look better if the names were colored differently like Beardie27’s suggestion.

Why though? Which colours for which people and why?

Well instead of the little (M) and (F), maybe Red Names for (F) and green names for (M). I just think the letters are a bit boring.

Hmm i gotta admit it, I think it would look nicer… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh it would, just seems like other things could be done to benefit the site rather than just changing some font colours, ya know.

Well changing the fonts colour would take like five minutes surely?

Probablly less than that lol :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway small changes add up to make bigger changes :stuck_out_tongue:

i had thought of a good reason why i want this changed, because i keep thinking its says i am Female next to my name. and the Managers are male. lol