change computer name in whatpulse client

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I just started using Whatpulse again after a year pause. I installed Whatpulse on my work laptop, and as I didn’t configure another computer name in advance I selected computer name googlejaps. Then I created 2 other computer names. The old one I renamed from googlejaps to OldStats. This one contains my pre 2009 stats. The others I created were home and work.

I tried to change then the computername in the Whatpulse client on my work laptop to work. But I couldn’t find out how to do that, so I renamed the computer work to googlejaps to make sure I could send pulses.

This evening I installed Whatpulse on my home laptop, and after installation WhatPulse said he found configuration in an old installation, so he merged that in the new installation. Now I have two WhatPulse Clients that pulse to computername googlejaps. I want to change the computername of these clients so I can have one computer named work, and named home.

How do I change the computer name in the Whatpulse Client?


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