Can't login, Pulses timeout

I’m having an irritating problem.

In fact I’ve been having nothing but trouble since the last few releases of Whatpulse. From the beginning pulses kept on timing out ALL the time. I had to disable the window popping up thing so that when I went away from my PC and came back I didn’t have to click OK on 100 windows.

Since the 26th of September NO pulses have gotten through on this PC or my laptop.

I don’t believe I’ve changed any relating settings on my computers or router.

Resetting token does nothing. Disabling firewall does nothing.

Reinstalling does nothing. When I install I cannot login. It can’t find my individual profiles without changing ports even though I don’t use a proxy. Although I can see my pulse profiles, I still can’t login.

My router forwards ports automatically, and I never had to change anything before.

Netgear DG834
The latest Whatpulse
Windows XP SP3

My profile is “elektrixxx”. I am user #187602.

Have you tried changing ports in the client?

I can’t load the client because I can’t login, so no.

You can change the ports in the main login window (on 1.6.2+).

I successfully logged in this time using the alternative port it offers, but now it has an issue pulsing. I managed to get one pulse through after attempting around ten times. Better than nothing!

If it gets worse I’ll post again.

Thanks for your help.

Does the issue pulsing come up with an error?

Not anymore since changing ports. I had being using port 80 for years so I don’t know what’s happened.

When I jump back to port 80 it gives the port timing out error every time, but on 3490 it’s “only” most of the time.