Can't login, don't remember email

Hi, I’ve been a WhatPulse user since 2005 year. I even forgot what email I used to register and always logged in with a username. But today I installed the new client and it is asking for an email as a login. And I don’t know it. I tried to remind me the email, but obviously I will never receive that reminder as that email maybe doesn’t even exist now.

I had to register with new email and new account just to leave this message.

Please help me to restore my account access and update the email there. My old username is Sheva_7.

Thank you!


It’s a combination of your name and the domain, does that ring any bells?

Thanks for the reply. Yes it does and that’s what I expected. But that email account has been closed years ago and I don’t have it any longer. Is there a way to change the email for Sheva_7 account? I would like to use the mail used for the account I’m writing with. You can delete this account (Sheva_77) and update the email for Sheva_7. Is it possible?

Thank you

If you still have the correct password, you can still login and change the email address to your current address. (after you delete your temp. account)

Great! I could login with my old account, thanks! But how can I delete my temp account? I didn’t find it in My WhatPulse. Feel free to delete this account if there is no way I can do it. Just reply here so that I knew when I can try. Thank you!

Its lucky you got it sorted considering you have 38 million keys saved up :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course you can do it yourself:

there you find a link: Unregister from WhatPulse

(of course, I did NOT try if that link does work and delete your second account)

I have similar problem. I do not get any mails on expected accounts, so please help.

Please email for account support, mention all details. Otherwise this thread will go on, and on, and on…