Can't login anymore...

[ý>۞<þ] kitschi [GER] [ý>۞<þ] kitschi [GER]
that is my username but it doesn’t work anymore I can’t login…

it is makeing at logging in automaticly 2 >> in my nick name and not just one…o.O
Wud I be able to change my name or something like that?

If it works when you log into the website, I would change it there. You have very strange symbols there… I would stick to alphanumeric things, and maybe symbols you can type with a normal keyboard? :stuck_out_tongue:

WHAT did you say about my momma?!?? :P:P:D

I can’t login to the site =/
And yea can’t type with my keyboard ^^
copy paste ftw! :smiley: