Can't log into whatpulse from school computer.

The computer runs Windows XP (though I am not sure what version) and I deffently do not have administrator rights. I am trying to run Whatpulse firectly from a USB.

“Connecting, please wait…
Error: Could not connect to server.”

That is the only kind of error I get. I have a separate profile set up (called USB) for this.

Is this simply a block that the school put in? Or is there a way I can still use this?

It’s quite possibly a block that the school puts on, but it’s hard to say, not knowing much about the network’s setup. If you’re on a USB drive though, do you have a separate ISP at home, or is home connected via campus internet?

Well, at home I have whatpulse installed directly on my computer, I don’t know the rules about the school computers (I should probably find them and read them) but I figured putting something on that might me misunderstood as spyware could be a bad idea.

As for the ISP, I have no idea. There is only one major ISP in town, but there are several smaller ones. If I had to guess, I could say we have the same ISP.

Charter, if it makes a difference, is what I have. I think that’s just westcoast though.

Well, if it’s a school computer, you probably don’t want to install it to the hard drive, anyways, because there’s the risk of having it wiped with routine maintenance, or someone tampering with it.

Really, all I did to make my whatpulse work on campus computers with my USB stick was that I copied the whatpulse directory from my laptop straight on to the USB drive. Then, I closed the laptop instance of whatpulse, deleted the whatpulse.wpw file, then had it go through the whole login procedure with the whatpulse on the USB stick, but this time, I entered the information for the USB’s profile information.

I would then just pulse at home - close laptop WP, open USB WP, pulse, then switch back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you misunderstood me?

I didn’t put it on the school computer, I was just saying I knew that I shouldn’t. I did put it on a USB disk and that is where I was running it from. I guess the computers just block it. Too bad, I probably get up to 20-30k a day over here with all of these damned essays I’m doing.

Also, unrelated, the way they have the computers set up no one could mess with my files. I mean short of getting my password or hacking into the system that is.

Eh, if they have that, it is likely they block the required ability to send packets to the Whatpulse server to connect.


You CAN still use Whatpulse on the school/work pc’s…

Just install it to your USB key at home, make sure you log in with usename/profile while its connected to a pc that can access the net, then disconnect it and remove the USB key.

When you get to school, you just need to load the .exe from the usb key, it’ll sit in the system tray counting your keys, when you get home, turn off the copy on your pc, load the copy on the usb key and pulse the keys you created at school/work.

You dont need internet access on a pc to be able to record the keypresses, just to actually send them to the server.

Yup, JamesUK pretty much did what I did :wink: