Can't find network interfaces on WP2.1 Kubuntu 13.04

I was faced with this problem but gave up in the previous version but I am back to try again. And yes I did run the command “sudo setcap cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin=eip ./whatpulse”

On a different note, the program crashed after about a minute and a half when I tried running it with sudo with the following:

Application crashed with signal 11! 0 [/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7ff0cada59e3]] 1 [./whatpulse(_ZN11LinuxSystem19getApplicationPortsEv+0x1a7) [0x5806d7]] 2 [./whatpulse(_ZN12CachedSystem19getApplicationPortsEv+0x5c) [0x4b92fc]] 3 [./whatpulse(_ZN24ApplicationBandwidthStat8doUpdateEv+0x86) [0x4add96]] 4 [./whatpulse(_ZN4Stat6updateEv+0x43) [0x48cfc3]] 5 [./whatpulse(_ZN12QtConcurrent15RunFunctionTaskIvE3runEv+0x1a) [0x48bd2a]] 6 [/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7ff0cad7d55d]] 7 [/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7ff0cad89bec]]

So! Any ideas?