cannot change local profile info

hello, i am having trouble finding where i can change my local profile info, i recently changed he name of my PC on my account but i cant change it in the client :confused:

i am using latest whatpulse version
i am running win7
i am running the client in admin privs

You can’t change the PC on your computer in settings. You have to right-click, go to ‘Account’ and click ‘Logoff User’. Then log back in again using the new profile.

ahem This is not entirely accurate information.

If you log off, you’re going to lose all your keys and clicks. What you’ll probably need to work (and I can’t promise 100% that it’ll work, for various reasons) is to change the name of your PC on the website to match what it is in your client, then pulse, THEN change the name of the PC on the website, log off on your whatpulse client and log back in with your corrected information.

If you don’t care about losing unpulsed stats though, it would be easier for you to follow bobL’s instructions. If you do, then follow mine.

(Though since you’re running Windows 7, I’m not sure how successful it’ll all be - my Win7 instance of whatpulse won’t even record keys. I haven’t taken the time to explore why this is the case, yet.)