Cannot access forums - 2 character username

Hello everyone.

I’ve been a member on my main account for over 6 years. I discovered recently that I am unable to access the forums on that account, as I get some parser error before the page is even loaded. I’m an intermediately skilled hobbyist programmer so I know that my two-character name is bugging up the system. And, as you can see, I do indeed have a two-character username that I acquired some time ago. This was either before the three-character minimum limit was instituted, or was some sort of fluke. Either way, I am prevented from entering the forums.

However, I adore my username on my WhatPulse account since 99% of the places where I use this name, I have to tack on an ugly underscore (as I’ve done on this temporary account). Some time ago I was lucky (or unlucky in this case) enough to not be forced to do that.

I was originally trying to come to the forums for help regarding something else, but I feel like this is slightly more troublesome than my earlier problem!

If this could be fixed, that would be wonderful. If not, I guess I will be stuck using this alternate account strictly for forum-going in the future.

edit: For reference, here is the page displayed when I try to access the forums on my main account. Sorry for the browser clutter!


I have changed the forum single sign on bit so that it allows existing usernames…you should be good to go!

Reporting in! Your fix worked. Thanks so much :angel: