Can WhatPulse be hacked?

How can he have 9y uptime, if he created his account 8.5 years ago?

Uptime is an aggregate of multiple computers (if applicable).

ok so he have 24 computers and using them at the same time right?.. isn’t it cheating?

as long as the user owns the computers and/or has them in the same building there is no problem afaik

so if he install WP at 50 computers in some corporation that’s ok because they are in the same bulding? sure who carres who using this computers right? :wink:

No, they have to be his own, and only record his personal usage

taht’s exactly what I mean. look at names of “his” computers

schneider is a corporation and madzia, maciej, agnieszka… are polish names.
A conclusion suggests itself

LOL, if you wanna see cheaters - just take a look @

I have, in the past, skipped using WhatPulse (for many months /years at a time); but, for some of the guys at the top - to have so many (well, more than me?) clicks /keys & I have regged end of 2005, IDK. ;-/