Can not auto post to Twitter?

My WhatPuse can not auto post to Twitter from 2011/7/8.
But Manual tweet is OK.
Why? :confused:

What is your username? If it is taglife, the website is twittering to your account…

Username is taglifebot.
It did not Tweet every 23 hours.

It is not possible to link 2 whatpulse accounts to 1 twitter account, twitter does not like that. You need to relink your original account (why did you create taglifebot on whatpulse as well?), after that it’ll pick back up.

I am 1 whatpulse accounts(taglife) to 1 twitter account(taglifebot).
I already relink my twitter N times.
But it did not auto tweet…

Nope, you have 2 WhatPulse accounts: taglife and taglifebot. Your twitter account is currently linked to tagbotlife.

Unauthorize the account taglifebot from twitter via our site (and delete that account while you’re at it) and restart the procedure with your normal account taglife.

Geez, yo. :blush:

I already Unauthorize whatpulse accounts(taglife) to twitter account(taglife).
I want to use whatpulse accounts(taglife) to twitter account(taglifebot).
But now it still did not auto tweet…

You need to unauthorize whatpulse account: taglifebot, this one:

Such as have unauthorize ?

It repaired in 2011/12/22 -…-