Sometimes monalisa-anne disappears from our team OMGPOP.
and sometimes when she pulses it stands that her account don’t exists.
What is this?

The account ‘monalisa-anne’ does not seem to exist. There was a ‘monalisa’ - but that has expired 30 jun because of inactivity.

But if you search for monalisa-anne many times the account sometimes is there and sometimes not :confused:

Okey, i couldn’t post a screen shot, but just update our team and she will sometimes be there and sometimes not.

How can she fix it?

Her UserID is 365450. Maybe it can help.

Ah! Now I see what you mean…this looks like some residue of the outage we had yesterday. I will fix it properly tomorrow, but for now a temporary fix is enough.

Thanks man!
It works :slight_smile: