[BUG]Whatpulse crashes when TOR Browser is turned on

Every single time I start Tor Browser whatpulse just shuts down.
How to recreate event:
Step 1: Download Tor Browser Bundle from https://www.torproject.org
Step 2: Unpack it
Step 3: Run it
Step 4: Watch Whatpulse crash

I have narrowed it down to that it is Vidalia that is incompatible with Whatpulse.

Vidalia is component used in TOR Browser.

Edit: Forgot including this info
I use win 8 pro x64.
Whatpulse 2.0.1

I have the same problem. As long as Vidalia is running, WhatPulse 2.x will crash.

2.0.2 should fix this: http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=2420

Edit: Tor Browser problem is fixed. Now my whatpulse just crashes when it tries to pulse, but that’s a different problem :slight_smile: