[BUG] 2.01 Single 1 TB pulse not recorded right.

One of my machines was not pulsing for a while and had over 1 TB of unpulsed upload. When I manually pulsed the upload only showed up as 1 megabyte when infact it was > 1 TB. Guessing something somewhere is using too small of an integer or something?

I assumed the issue was server-side as it showed > 1 TB of data ‘unpulsed’ in the client. Well today it stopped pulsing and had accumulated 3.68TB of unpulsed data as it had not pulsed for the last several days and this time instead of manually clicking pulse I closed the client and re-opened and when it pulsed automatically it showed the correct amount. The odd thing was is it also did a second pulse with the same download amount (wtf?) and a random amount of upload? Not really sure what happened there.

I can confirm as well there’s still an issue when dealing with a pulse of > 1TB, at least on the download side. I’m still using 2.0.1a though, as it is the more stable of the current releases for me.

Im having the same issue,

Max value the upload/download can take in the software is 999999. Presumably there is just an issue with what type the number is stored as (float limiting to 6 significant figures rather than a double which is 13)?

Can confirm it’s working ok in 2.0.4 at least on upload. If you want to pulse >1TB, it has to be with that version.