[BUG] 1.6.2 options panel

I encountered a bug in the 1.6.2 client (running on Windows Vista x64).
On the options panel, the radio buttons are not properly grouped (see image).

The ‘Check for updates - weekly’ option is grouped with the Distance type option instead of with the update options.

Yeah bobL knows about this i think, hopefully will be fixed in the next release :slight_smile:

Yeh I think he is, and its very minor anyways. The updates arent released that often, and Bob said the next update will be a “silent” one, which Im gathering means it will auto update whilst the software is being used and an internet connection is active.

What? There is no update feature built into WhatPulse and won’t be 'til version 2. I’m suuureee I’ve said that before.

By silent, I mean it’ll be posted on the forums and if all goes well with it, it’ll go on the main page.

And yeah, I fixed this bug a few hours after the last release - Issue with c++ being picky over tab orders.