BSOD or Power flicker?

After a blue screen, power outage, anything really that ends my computers on time abruptly. All my what pulse data that has gone unpulsed is wiped clean, and to add insult to injury I have to log into whatpulse again. It does not even tell me that it isn’t logging data, at least before the update it had a notification after every key hit or click of the mouse and if it had crashed everything there would be no notification. This has really annoyed me enough to make a post. :@

This has already been fixed (and released on the forums), but we’re working on some extra stuff before putting it on the main website.

Thank you. I have this problem too where a power interruption wiped my keys and other stats. I usually pulse once a day, every 6pm, and my PC crashed at 5pm. I lost 20K keys and 8GB download :slight_smile: