Boring on no avaible connection

Hi all.
Dunno if somebody already talked about this problem with Whatpulse 1.7 on no internet connection avaible (“impossible to reach the server” or something similar)… I made a quick search in the forum and found nothing, so I “dare” to open a new thread… I’m sorry if this is already a well-know problem. :slight_smile:

Anyway the problem is that with version 1.7 the Whatpulse demon keeps popping up the “Impossible to connect to the server” (or similar) messages continuosly… and this is boring a lot, and makes using Whatpulse in “offline” almost impossible!
It also pops-up a sort of blank window each time it tries to connect (up to 30 times or around).

This didn’t happen with Whatpulse 1.6, so it’s a 1.7 matter.
With Whatpulse 1.6 it just warned once that the connection to server was impossible, and then keeped trying silently, like a demon should be.

My operating system are two Windows XP: a Professional SP2 and a Home SP3.

Actually, this DID happen in, I have no clue about 1.6, considering that build must’ve been around before I even joined. I have had this come up a few times when I boot my computer, and there’s no active connection. But never if the connection simply dies, even if I restart the program. Is there anything else you can mention? It would be helpful to the devs if/when they see this.

Strange, I had no similar problem with 1.6 (dunno if also .2.1) on my netbook when I used around without connection… but now with 1.7 I have the problem on both PC.