bigram key frequency support please!

I found you via a link from a SuperUser respondent, when I was looking for a key-counter to help optimize a new keyboard layout idea(s) I have:
/(on SuperUser search for keyboard-layout-for-programmers )

I know WhatPulse would be perfect for this; count exporting & reseting, multi-platform, decent community, obfuscating/scrambling key sequencing so I can not spy, etc :wink:

The only thing missing is support for bigram/digram (sequence of two adjacent elements). Reasoning: in English, not only is ‘he’ & ‘th’ common together, but also in many programming languages (like C++, JavaScript, CSS) ‘;ENTER’ are very often typed together. :slight_smile:
(see viralintrospection.wordpress.c0m for how I’m modeling my research)

Could Bigram counts be added soon please? Need a KickStarter to help out? :wink:

Hi Tom,

WhatPulse is not in the business of analyzing computer usage, only counting it. If the client was to look for the most used bigrams, that means we need to analyze the actual type string that someone types, which is something we do not want to do.

Sorry, the client is a counter, not an analyzer. :wink:

Good luck though,

Thanks for the reply wasted!

Sorry I was not clear; I was hoping for WhatPulse to count consecutive letter pairs; I’ll do the analyization offline with the collected data. EG: “thanks for the reply wasted!” has ‘th’ twice, & other pairs are ‘ha’, ‘an’, ‘nk’, ‘ks’, 's ', etc. This information is valuable in re-balancing keys for the left & right hands.
edit: knowing key-pairs is also important for helping to filter out often used commands, like copy, paste, undo, etc. I’m sure ‘x’ & ‘v’ often have ‘CTRL’ before them, but I am unsure by how much.


You were perfectly clear, to be honest. :slight_smile:

You’re saying that the client would count letter combinations. However, to get those letter combination to count, the client would need to analyze whats being typed, or in any case remember the keys someone types too see which combinations are used. This would make the client a logger, not a counter.