Beta 3.6.2419


I like the new Installer of the Beta, but I have two small issues with it.

First, my Installation of the Stable Version was in the old default directory from Version 2.x (“C:\Program Files (x86)\WhatPulse2”), which the Installer didn’t recognize and installed the Beta alongside Stable. Don’t know if intended, or it’s because of the new Installer.
And second, I read in the changelog that Npcap should be updated to the latest Version (1.60), which didn’t happen. I’m still on Version 1.30. I don’t have any other program installed that uses Npcap like Wireshark.

It seems Npcap isn’t updated if it’s already installed. A fresh installation without Npcap installs the new version though.


Thanks for your feedback! The second install is semi-intended. The new installer doesn’t know about the previous client install. I’m adding something in the next iteration that’ll see whether the WhatPulse2 directory exists and then run the uninstaller from it.

It’s also a good idea to have it check the Npcap version, I’ll do that also.