Bandwidth statistics.

Upload & Download bandwidth usage statistics might be useful to add.

Sounds rather annoying to me - I’d definitely disable it. Especially upload stats will be gladly monitored by the various copyright watchdogs. Bad idea, not to mention the fact it’d be pretty easy to cheat with it; just set up a VM and pump 100Mbit streams between two virtual adapters, near impossible to distinguish yet it ruins the whole competition, as far as there was one in the first place…

I agree. Way too easy to cheat with.

It’s like the discussion about uptime stats awhile ago, just leave the computer turned on 24/7 (like many people already do, me included) and you will be at the top of the list (for those who care about it). Another thing was talk about if it was fair or not, some can leave their computers on, some can’t and are at a disadvantage.
Same idea goes here, some have very fast internet connections, some don’t and are at a disadvantage.

Personally I don’t give a rat’s ass about ranking or a “competition” against someone on whatpulse. I use the program only for myself to track my keystrokes and would like both uptime and bandwidth counting (although I have seperate programs for both already, just not one that submits stats to a webpage any more).
But if counting of uptime gets the thumbs down by staff because the ease of cheating, the idea of bandwidth stats would be equally insane because it’s easy to cheat on.