Backup And Restore Local Statistics


I would really like to see the ability to backup and restore local statistics (Local keycount breakdowns, uptime, application stats, country stats, etc.) added to the client. I’ve had to completely reinstall WhatPulse a couple of times, and it’s a shame to have to lose those stats that are only stored locally within the client.

I’m not sure that is possible. Best case scenario would be to pulse before uninstalling, unless there was something preventing that?

I was referring to statistics like these, that are not uploaded to the website, and are only kept locally:

I have lost these statistics a couple of times, and it would be nice to be able to back them up and restore them if, for example, I formatted my hard drive.

Grab the files in the data dir ( if you do a complete OS reinstall.

When you uninstall only the client, it will ask you if you want to save the database, if you choose to keep the database, it will be reused when you reinstall the client.