Awesome pulse.

When I manually pulse, I typically do all my systems within a quick time period (all at once).

When Keys Clicks Miles AvKPS AvCPS 17:04:58 263,971 31,730 2.47 12570.05 1510.95 17:04:37 16,418 5,372 0.24 0.39 0.13

Amusing… my laptop pulsed, and that bumps my desktop’s pulse to some impossible KPS/CPS.
Usually I don’t have that short of a time between pulses, but still… this bugs me a bit because it is on my main page as one of the last 10 pulses, looks like I did some sort of hardcore cheating.

To resolve this, I’m having my desktop pulse every 12 hours. It’s the primary system I use.

Side-thought question: I very frequently remote-desktop into my desktop from my laptop. That doubles my keys/clicks. It’s legitimate use, I frequently access files/software on my desktop while I’m not around it. It’s quite trivial the amount of typing done from laptop to desktop though, mostly just some clicking around, passwords, and searches. Occasionally command line stuff (which does take a bit of typing, probably less than this entire post in total). To the point: does this classify as “cheating” at all…? I’m not going to disable whatpulse when I log into my desktop, because I’ll be doing things on my laptop too and I’ll forget to even start it again if I do.

I have never seen a VNC/Remote Desktop double keys. Just verify to yourself that it is actually counting on both (utilizing the geek window) and then report it as a bug to us.

Thanks. :]

As for the cheating…I can see which computer/profile you pulsed from and thus not care about the KPS. I do the math for KPS by myself using a calculator.


The “double keys” is that the server and client (remote and connecting) systems are both running WhatPulse, and the server takes the VNC input from REAL VNC Enterprise Edition E4.3.2 x64 - 09/Oct/2007 build as key counts. So the connecting laptop running WhatPulse gets the key count from typing into the VNC Viewer, and the remote machine sees it as HID input, so it counts it as keystrokes. Unknown about mouse movement, but confirmed mouse clicks too.

I actually ran into that when I first signed up. I was in Germany at the time so I only brought my personal laptop and my work laptop was at my desk in the states. When I Remote Desktop’d into my work laptop, the work laptop recorded key clicks and mouse clicks (didn’t notice miles) and my personal laptop recorded them as well. It didn’t double much as I only logged into the computer a few times for short intervals but I haven’t had a similar situation since then.

KodeKatt, if you don’t have the time to report the bug I could probably do it. I would verify it’s still happening before hand.

Well, it’s not a bug, it’s an exploit. It’s no fault of the WhatPulse software, so it’s not a bug of the software, it’s an exploit, because it’s taking advantage (intentional or not) of a security flaw.
Like with WEP encryption being easily broken. It’s still functioning as intended, but it exploitable because it’s security isn’t very secure.