autopulse disabled

This morning the Whatpulse website was unavailable. During autopulse there was a message that the client disabled autopulse.
In the client the autopulse is still on

Yes, I was seeing that too. It’s autopulsing again now, but the pulses aren’t being recorded.


Mine said the same and I pulsed when WhatPulse came back on but it hasn’t been recorded. I really hope that it isn’t lost.

Also I can’t edit my profile at all. Everytime I hit save it reloads and says ‘saved’. The problem is that my profile still is the standard layout.

I hope they fix this soon :slight_smile:

Same here. Hopefully they"re working on it and we wont loose our today pulsed pulses.

I’m having the same problem too. My machine pulses every hour and the last time was 6am British Summer Time so I’ve had no pulses for 6 hours. I noticed that it has been disabled like others and I’ve turned it back on and it says it’s pulsing but there’s nothing on the website where it’s usually instant.

Yeah, same problem here. Hope it isn’t lost, that would be quite disappointing.

There was an issue updating the website views, it was fixed and nothing was lost.

If autopulse is disabled by internet/website issues, just pulse manually and it will continue with the autopulsing.