Automatic pulsing suggestion

Hey all,

V2 is really starting to come together. Here is a suggestion to improve the “auto pulse on hour” feature.

Currently this feature works great - assuming that you leave your computer on 24 hours/day. My work laptop is not on for this amount of time - I would like it to pulse when I log on every day. Currently I have it set to “Auto pulse on hour 0 on every day”. I think to improve this feature when I start whatpulse (at log on) it should check to see if that time has passed since the last pulse, if not then pulse immediately. This would allow pulsing every 24 hours regardless of the computers on/off state.

I believe the current check is to see if it is currently the selected time, rather than check to see if that time has passed since the last pulse.

In the old V1 client I was able to kind of accomplish this by saying pulse every 24 hours - since I log on about 8am every day (not exactly), it would pulse almost immediately after log in.

I have found no way to accomplish this in the V2 client.

Why are you not using “puls on every 9 hours uptime”?
So when you work every day 9 hours (8 hours plus break), it is nearly the way you made it with the old client.


I have tried that. It works, but niot really - since my work days are not consistent (approx 9 hours uptime, but change daily). The time of day that the pulse goes through changes as the week passes.

My goal is to have a pulse each morning that represents the previous work days key counts, and then throughout the day I can see what my key count looks like. With all of the current options it’s always blending in with the previous day or it pulsed after some time of work so I get a poor representation of what my day is looking like.

Edit: The only client had “pulse every X hours” - since these hours were not related to up time I could say pulse every 24 hours and it would pulse once per day.

A new option to have pulse after X hours but not tied to my up time would almost solve this, even though I still think the implementation in V1 was substandard.