Auto pulsing

I have a pc running Windows 7 home and have problems with auto pulse.
On this pc there is no autopulse. Value doesn’t matter. 1000 / 1300 / 1500
Turning it off and set it on again.Also tried renew token, log off, reboot. Still no autopulse.
How to fix this?

Disable “Work offline”?

not enabled it so I suppose it’s not in offline mode…

Could you post a screenshot of your auto pulse settings?

Not to state the obvious, but you are getting the proper amount of keys?

Yes, but there is a short delay

I only get this problem if I have “Work offline” and if I don’t run as Administrator. Will try few other things too find the problem.

Update: installed 2.0.1 today and now it is autopulsing :slight_smile: