I vaguely recall people saying that they had it set up so that when they inserted their thumb drive whatpulse automatically logged them in and started running. How was this being done?

Now, would it work any different if I were using my phone? I have whatpulse installed on my phone (though, it doesn’t actually RUN on my phone*, obviously) and am using like a thumb drive in this case, just connecting it to the PC through a USB cable.

  • My phone uses Windows Mobile, I was holding out a glimmer of (knowingly) false hope that Whatpulse would work on Windows Mobile. I was expectantly disappointed.

You should be able to set up whatpulse to run automatically by following the steps below, not sure if this will work with a mobile phone but it might be worth a shot:

Open notepad and type in the following,

action=Run Whatpulse Program
label=Portable Whatpulse

Might need to change the icon line, not sure if the icon is stored within whatpulse.exe or if it’s a sepeate .ico file?

Anywho, save the file as “autorun.inf” (without the quotation marks) and save it to your USB drive. Should definatly work on a normal USB but not sure about your mobile.

~ Chris

Would I put this in the Whatpulse folder, or the “main” directory? (pardon my terminology, I know little of it)

I can’t try it out just yet. But later today.

Main directory, and then the path would need to be somthing along the lines of “foldername/whatpulse.exe” but I don’t you include the drive letter (as this can change on each pc you insert the USB into).