ARM client

Hi all

I’m surprised there’s no topic about this yet. Are there any plans to compile the client for ARM? I guess the sources can’t be released for cheating reasons, but compiling should be easy to do. I have a Debian VM on my phone, running ARMv71 (armel). Just by apt-getting some dependencies and installing a few things from sources like I would on normal Linux, I was able to compile other things for ARM very easily. Unless Whatpulse depends on propietary software, it shouldn’t take more than an evening to compile the client for the ARM platform. That includes installing an arm vm with something like debian on qemu.

I can also sign an NDA and compile it for you, but I’m not sure if you’re comfortable with handing out the source to someone who’s practically a stranger :stuck_out_tongue:

An ARM client would give Whatpulse support for the Raspberry Pi, some phones, tablets perhaps, Windows 8 RT, and perhaps other platforms that I don’t know of (some ATM machines seem to run ARM, but they probably don’t want Whatpulse xD).

Please let me know if you decide or plan anything, or if I can be of help :slight_smile:


PS. I’ve tried running Whatpulse in usermode on ARM, emulating x86, but that didn’t work. It needs some libraries that I don’t have of course, and I don’t have a lot of experience with this yet.

The current client would not do any good on a phone, as all the devices and hooks it does now do not exists on the mobile systems. There’s a mobile client on the roadmap, but that not for the “soon” department. :wink:

Right, I see what you mean… Something has to be possible, but yeah I guess it won’t be soon. These events seems to work for me though

Any idea when you might have time to develop this? Like, will a beta be available before 2014? I’m just asking for a very general idea of when you expect to be able to have a beta of it, no specifics.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The idea to develop an Android client has been floating around for a while but the problem is that you cannot retrieve any input events without root, making the app useless for 99% of the users.

I’d say that 99% of the users that want Whatpulse on their phone have a rooted phone. Without root I’d consider my phone mostly useless, might as well go back to a Nokia 6230i and carry another SoC with me (raspberry pi or someting).

[quote="[GMOT]lucb1e, post:5, topic:11995"]
I’d say that 99% of the users that want Whatpulse on their phone have a rooted phone.

Sorry, but that’s not the case. I’d estimate the requests are about 10/90…where 10% has it rooted and the other percentage doesn’t even know what rooting an android phone means. That’s why we’re looking for ways to do it another way, or collecting other statistics.