WP 2.2.1 on 64 bit archlinux.
Library exists in LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Where wp expected this library?

In the library path…and it’s not the client expecting it somewhere, the client only tells the system it needs ‘these’ libraries and the system does the rest. If the subject is your literal error, the library simply does not exist.

Check for capitalisation and whether it’s the right version.

Archlinux isn’t tested, but I remember someone who got it to work.

At least me :wink: But after updating to 2.2.1 it did not start anymore. Possible other updates interferences with this Problem…

[andre@meg-mac wp]$ ./whatpulse 
./whatpulse: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[andre@meg-mac wp]$ ldd whatpulse | grep => /usr/lib/catalystpxp/ (0x00007f9b7c1af000)

Is there any special version required?

It would throw another nasty error (usually something about dynamic functions not found) if it’s a version thing, I think. “No such file or directory” is pretty clear…this is exactly why I stay away from Linux. :wink:

Looks like this problem only belongs to non-root user. Root can run Whatpulse without any problems :confused: